Grow 28 tons of strawberries in 375 m²!

For strawberry commercial farming solutions, we have partnered with NGS (New Growing System), the world-leading manufacturer of high-end hydroponic systems for strawberry farming.

NGS is the inventor of strawberry farms using an oscillating technology allowing to grow 300,000 plants per hectare in a greenhouse, which is 5x more than what is possible to plant with conventional farming.

NGS has developed 200+ projects in more than 20 countries over the last 25 years.

After 10 years of research and development, NGS managed to adapt their patented oscillating technology, creating a unique indoor strawberry vertical farming system, 100% lit with LED lights.

Indoor Vertical Strawberry Farm

Intensive Farming using LED Lights

🍓 Min. 375 m² 🍓

Greenhouse Vertical Strawberry Farm

Example of Oscillating System

🍓 Min. 1 hectare 🍓

This indoor strawberry farming system is divided by a proprietary hi-tech thermal curtain. With the help of an ingenious oscillating system, plants are moved up and down going from the day zone to the night zone, and vice versa. Not only does the system features days and nights for light control purposes, but it also mimics the perfect climate for strawberries during the day and night as well (temperature, humidity, CO2 levels, etc.).

Ideally, to ensure optimum success/crop yields, a new structure should be custom-built (instead of adapting this strawberry farming system to an existing building that was not designed originally for indoor farming). However, if you prefer to convert an existing structure into an indoor strawberry farm, our engineers will work hand in hand with your architect to define the most efficient solution.

Specifications for Indoor Strawberry Vertical Farming with LED lights

Total area
Crop area
Hall/corridor area
Technical area
Electrical output/month
Water usage/month
Number of plants
Estimated crop yield
Labor Operation Cost
Construction Labor Estimate
Assembly Managers
Assembly Manager’s Fee
Other Staff
Other Costs
Building Specification
Building area
Option 1
37,500 kW
50 m³
24,000 units
28 tons
60 hour/year
1.200 hour/year
480 hour/year
100 hour/year
100 hour/year
1 month
24.000 €/month
Scissor lift & scaffolding
3 to 4 containers 40´
10x37.5 m²
8 m high
able to resist 75/100 kg/m²
80 mm sandwich panel cover roof and perimeter
638.000 €
Option 2
300,000 kW
400 m³
192,000 units
230 tons
480 hour/year
9.600 hour/year
3.840 hour/year
400 hour/year
800 hour/year
4 months
24.000 €/month
Scissor lift & scaffolding
5 to 6 containers 40´
40x72.5 m²
8 m high
able to resist 75/100 kg/m²
80 mm sandwich panel cover roof and perimeter
4.125.000 €

The quoted prices are in Euros and are ex-works Almeria, Spain. Prices do not include the building that will host the indoor farm, the shipping, the installation, or the training. These are just estimated numbers that may vary depending on the quality of the building dedicated to hosting the strawberry farm.

Option 1 - Floorplans (click here)

Option 2 - Floorplans (click here)

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